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Re: Bastille

Marius Andreiana writes:
> On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 10:30 -0500, Niki Rahimi wrote:
> I see no docs on bastille homepage, only FAQ. Want to know what it does,
> how does it detect problems with current configuration/versions.
> >From screenshot: FC2 build shouldn't have HP-UX tab. 
> At the end, will I see a diff from current config to bastille's before
> applying?

My experience with Bastille hasn't been the best (and I'm NOT just
talking Fedora here). The problem is that Bastille offers reasonable
sounding things as you work through its screens but doesn't tell you
exactly how it will accomplish them. It was not clear what files would
be modified--and I didn't find an easily readable log of these actions.
Furthermore, I have never successfully "unrolled" Bastille's changes.

So, while it has much to teach and offers good advice, I'd really
rather that Bastille were a HOWTO and not an "I'll fix it for you"

It's nice to be given a fish to eat, but it's nicer to know how to catch
fish. Same old same old.

> Thanks,
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