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Re: rawhide report: 20041001 changes

Theodore Papadopoulo <Theodore Papadopoulo sophia inria fr> writes:

> razvan vilt linux360 ro said:
>> Hmm... someone added-it to the wrong branch of the build system. I'm
>> pretty sure it wasn't supposed to land in rawhide. 
> A few weeks ago, there was an announcement about an agreement between 
> redhat and RealNetworks about providing RealPlayer within redhat 
> linux. This should be the first effect of this agreement.

Come on. We get a castrated KDE[1], castrated xmms and a castrated Kernel
but Real Player is free enough? That's plain weird.

[1] Which one can't even "repair" with additional packages like it is
with xmms and the Gnome sound staff but one has to rebuild the SRPM

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