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Re: First Boot (was: Bastille)

Alan Cox writes:
> On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 08:53:29AM -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
> > We need something better than First Boot if for no other reason than
> > First Boot is 100% inaccessible to anyone with a special interfacing
> > requirement. It's an accessibility nightmare and could not possibly pass
> > Sec. 508 muster in a U.S. Federal deployment.
> This is currently in the issue tracker.
Very glad to hear that. Did I know this and forget?

Will it be triggered by runlevel setting in /etc/inittab?

> > Rather than adding to First Boot, we need to rethink First Boot.
> Text mode firstboot as well as graphical clearly is one part of that, what
> else ?

Off the top of my head the input and device side would be all, I think.

In the text screens, for example, it would be important to put the
system cursor where the current focus is (and not in the lower right
hand corner, for example).

For both text and graphical everything should be keyboardable--so mouse
shouldn't be required.

There are also the Access X features our WG is on track to turn into an
FSG standard.

On the device side it would be important to support as many devices as
practical at some reasonable default setting. I suppose sound would be
somewhat tricky, but we can expect more and more blind users relying on
sound card.

Still, this deserves a more thorough response. I'm sorry I can't do a
better response off the top of my head--but doing so is something we've
calendared for next year in the A11y WG.

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