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Self-Inroduction: Greg Houlette

Gregory L Houlette
USA, Marengo, Indiana
Technologist, Engineer
Tek Armory, LLC

I am starting a network security consulting business and have been
scouring the Internet for good, flexible, lightweight solutions to
the problems faced by the Linux computer users among my customers.

Since I run Fedora, it makes sense to share those tools that I have
found to be useful to me (whenever possible).  Along the way, I may
eventually need to develop some custom tools that are reasonable to
publish via the GPL and also create Fedora RPM packages for sharing
with other linux users as well.

Since I have over 20 years experience as a programmer (mostly 'bare
metal' peripheral device driver and diagnostic test code) I am well
acquainted with regression testing and other aspects of SW QA, and
can contribute (time permitting) to code review, testing and patch

Most of the projects I have worked on over the years were buried
deep within the companies that I worked for (such as, most recently,
Quantum corporation which at one time was the largest desktop disk
drive manufacturer in the world).  I am FLUENT in assembler, pretty
darn good with C and shell script (learning Perl slowly) and have a
deep understanding of the way computers *_REALLY_* work inside at
the bit level (I just don't get excited about languages anymore).

On the issue of trust (a subject near and dear to my heart) I've
always subscribed to the belief that it must be earned, not taken.

I can only say that since information security is going to be my
livelihood for the foreseeable future (the last time I changed my
'vocation' was almost 25 years ago, so I don't swap career paths
without a whole lot of thought) it makes sense to develop a good
reserve of "reputation capital" in what I do here and elsewhere.

I guess from your standpoint, you'll just have to wait and see...

In the mean time, I've been working with Michael Boelen (author of
Rootkit Hunter) to get an RPM rolled up for submission.  Michael has
created, what I believe to be, a very useful host-based tool for the
scanning of *n[i|u]x and BSD boxes for rootkits.  You can find his
website here:


And here are the files I will be submitting to QA testing and making
a Bugzilla entry for:



Tomorrow...  Must Sleep...

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Google this: Greg Houlette Y2K power down

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