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Re: What to do about libc-client (imap)?

On Sun, 19 Sep 2004, Warren Togami wrote:

But why do we keep php-imap? NOTHING we ship uses it. squirrelmail long ago decided php-imap was unreliable and made their own implementation.

Our forced attempts to get rid of imap in FC2 were done in a confusing manner which remains both a support burden for us, and a huge point of frustration to users. [1] To make matters worse, 'libc-client' is a confusing name which is too similar to 'glibc', and meaningless to all developers.

Is this really worth more years of headache? Here are two proposals to deal with this.

As a 'user' of c-lib (via PINE, not shipped in FC), I'd say the uwimap-libs makes most sense. Indeed, remove it all together.

As an aside, is there any /decent/ C IMAP client library out there?

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