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Re: udev and alsa

Le ven 01/10/2004 Ã 19:11, Bill Nottingham a Ãcrit :
> Harald Hoyer (harald redhat com) said: 
> > Don't know, if it really belongs to udev.. but here is an extended 
> > script:#!/bin/sh
> Probably belongs to alsa-utils, actually (in that that's where the
> script should go.)

I think udev dependency are weird in many places.

/etc/dev.d/net/hotplug.dev should be moved to hotplug, and
pam_console.dev and pam_console_setowner to pam.

alsa.dev script is useful for all programs that use alsa-lib so we
should expected it is not "easy" to remove :
$ yum remove alsa-utils
Dependencies Resolved
                [e] alsa-utils.i386 0:1.0.6-1 - user
                [e] firstboot.noarch 0:1.3.27-1 - dep
                [e] system-config-soundcard.noarch 0:1.2.10-1 - dep

That's all :-)

I ask for udev require alsa-utils (alsa.dev) but someone can say that
udev does not require hal. Hal is in the opposite of alsa-utils.
alsa-utils is require by udev because it's needed when removing sound
modules. alsa-utils works perfectly without udev. Hal does not works
without udev.

We can also consider that module-init-tools and/or initscripts depend on
alsa-utils (via /etc/modprobe.conf and /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt).

It a matter of taste.

Also, udev have unnecessary :
Is pam require for udev to work properly ?
Is mkinitrd require for udev to work properly ?
No and no (AFAIK).

This is what I want/expect form Fedora.
pam_console.dev and pam_console_setowner should be moved to pam.
udev require :
        Nothing :-) but what it really need (hotplug, MAKEDEV,
        alsa-utils (if not already require by initscripts)...)
udev provide :
	dev (already done)
udev conflict :
	pam < ??
	mkinitrd < ??
	alsa-utils < ??
	hotplug < ??

pam require :
	initscripts, Don't know exactly why :-) but nothing chocking.

mkinitrd require :

kernel require :

initscripts requires :
	dev (perhaps alsa-utils).

If alsa-utils is not require by udev or initscripts, it's not serious to
This picture is almost the same than FC2.
It seems, as far as I understand, that udev use "Require" in place where
it should use "Conflict".

Ideally, if no package requires specifically udev (hal for example), the
system should be able to work with a static /dev.

I am not asking for a static /dev :-)

> Bill

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