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Re: RFE: More on mounting + a question about the "console" flag

> I like ESD... At least i did under OSS. Nowadays ALSA does the mixing,
> so... But (having resently heard from another admin, an i agree)
> multimedia (and removable storage) is really the only reason to avoid
> thin clients - exept that, it rocks! (if i just could have quake 3 and
> removable storage on a (purpose-built) thin client, my main box would
> happen to be in the basement in less that 10 minutes - no noise, bootup
> time=time for an LCD to start (less than one secound), little desktop
> real estate used... ahh. Mac's new shiny litle toy: mwah hah hah luser!)
Ok, as I manage some thin clients that have both local drive and local audio I 
think I am qualified to respond  to this one. 
You can get audio on a thin client. GNOME appears to pick up on the fact that 
you're on a remote system and redirect audio automagicly.
LTSP supports local drives as well. it's a little more complicated to setup. 
but not horribly so. and it's getting better
GLX is supported, but you're not going to be getting the proprietary NVIDIA or 
ATi drivers installed without some trouble, but if you want quiet, you're 
gonna be  going for older stuff anyway. here's a link to my website on all 
things ltsp. give it a look before you go writing stuff off as impossible.


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