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YasT for Fedora Core

Since YasT is GPL (well is it?  ) , then it would be nice if fedora
has the same or something like it. Yast is the best Installation/Setup
and System Administration Tool available for linux , it combines RCD +
Control Centre( the KDE one) and its very simple for loads of other
administration stuff.

Some discussions took place about it in redhat forums

but it remains to be implemented .

It will be great if it is done , imagine being able to install new
versions of kde or gnome or ftp installation of fedora itself in a
smooth way .. i know it could be done even without it (up2date , yum )
but it seldom works or its not cool, putting up a graphical interface
will surely be one more step towards user friendliness.

so what say you?

gopinaths : <gopinaths iitg ernet in>

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