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Re: Future of Stateless Linux

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 22:28, Rudi Chiarito wrote:

> There is an approach that I have used in the past. It worked for me, but
> it might need to be made more flexible and robust, to support all the
> scenarios that Stateless Linux hopes to enable.
> You need, of course, to have a list of MAC addresses. Even better,
> several lists of MAC addresses - e.g. for several groups/profiles. You
> can enter them manually or, if you're lazy enough, you'll want the
> clients and the server to register them automatically.
> I do this at the time that the kickstart file is served (I don't serve
> images yet, but the idea is the same). A simple CGI script looks at the
> IP at the remote end, retrieves the MAC address using ARP and appends it

You can save yourself some trouble with this as anaconda can do the MAC
digging for you - from command-line.txt of anaconda docs:

kssendmac       Adds HTTP headers to ks=http:// request that can be     
		helpful for provisioning systems.  Includes MAC address
		of all nics in a CGI environment variable of the form
		etc, for all nics.

	- Panu -

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