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Re: Segfaults with file selection dialogs

Warren Togami wrote :

> > Since yesterday, I've been getting segfaults with every single GNOME or
> > GTK2 application that tries to display a file browsing dialog ("Save
> > as..." for instance). I can't even add an attachment to this email
> > either without sylpheed (gtk2 build) segfaulting, so inlined is a
> > backtrace obtained from running gedit and going to "File -> Save
> > as...". I'm posting here since I'm not even sure against which
> > component I should file this bug (gnome-vfs2? libbonobo? glib2?).
> > 
> Try killing gnome-vfs-daemon, may require a relog.  Apparently there was 
> some issue about the internal protocol changing.

Thanks, that was it apparently. It made nautilus crash, but everything
works again now.
I was pretty sure I had logged out and in again since the problem
started... then again, now that I finally have suspend to RAM working, I'm
going to be extra careful about things like this ;-)


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