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Re: rawhide report: 20041005 changes

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 16:10 +0200, Matias Féliciano wrote:  
> > ppp-2.4.2-6.1
> > - Include atmsap.h for pppoatm plugin.
> For blli_in_use I suppose.
> I never succeed to compile linux-atm with glibc-kernheaders.

No, actually I noticed that the pppoatm plugin uses almost nothing from
libatm except for a couple of text parsing routines, so I imported those
directly, and the header files they used. But I missed atmsap.h because
there had been an old copy lying around in /usr/local/include/ on my

But yes, the Fedora glibc-kernheaders are broken, and I needed to patch
atmsap.h to include blli_in_use() to work around that, at least when I
was building the full linux-atm package. I'm actually not sure if I
still need it for the bits I imported into pppd/pppoatm though.

> > - Add pppoatm plugin (#131555)
> pppoatm !
> Unbelievable. Fedora touch in action ?

Dunno about the Fedora touch -- I just happened to try installing a
SpeedTouch modem a while back, and was highly offended at how complex it
all was. So I thought I'd make it a bit easier in FC3 if I could. 

That includes fixing the Speedtouch driver so it can actually load the
firmware and initialise the modem for itself, without requiring any of
the horrid userspace tools. Another plug for that, since I don't feel
I've got enough testing reports yet, or that I've done enough IPv6
advocacy this week...

	export CVS_RSH=`which ssh`
	cvs -d :ext:anoncvs cvs infradead org:/home/cvs co usbatm
	cd usbatm
	modprobe atm
	insmod usbatm.ko
	insmod speedtch.ko

You need to put the two separate parts of the firmware into
/lib/firmware/speedtch-[12].bin after extracting them with the
'firmware_extract' tool from the old userspace speedtouch tools. (You
have to ask for that to be built specifically, by 'make
firmware_extract' in the src/ directory).


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