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Re: Anaconda RFE: add a question to ask for "fedora extras", and if approperiate, livna

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 20:29 +0200, Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:
> As there has been really huge amounts of talk on this list the last few
> days about fedora extras - i was wondering about something. Could it be
> possible to ask somewhere in anaconda or firstboot, if you want the
> extras repository pre-configured (maybe with a label stating

It's a bit too late to do for anaconda at this point.  Plus, not sure
where it would (ui-wise) make sense to be.  Perhaps on the firstboot
extra CDs screen, but that's still difficult due to the fact that the
interaction is less than idea.  Eventually, system-config-packages
should really know about them and be able to display things (that's
always been the plan, just lack of 'round 'tuits)

> And maybe also if you are in some part of the world
> (which you told the installer earlier) where livna is legal (such as
> norway, asia etc.), then also ask the same about livna?

Can't do this.

> Just a question, thrown in for debate or burning. I know this has been
> discussed before (with no real outcome), and i know that fc3t3 is
> comming close. But it would really help the usability of fedora.

The other thing is that the official Extras as such doesn't completely
exist yet.  Yes, fedora.us is what it will be, but I at least would
rather wait until we have it all in the same server structure before we
do much along these lines.


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