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Totem/GStreamer and Fedora


Today, the GStreamer team has released new versions of their GStreamer
core and plugins. Also, Bastien Nocera has released a new version of
Totem, which features a largely rewritten GStreamer backend, amongst
others. There has been a news posting about this on gnomedesktop.org.
We're convinced that the current combination of these is the best
legally shippable playback application that has been created so far. It
might not match mplayer yet, but it's pretty, stable, extensible [1],
fits well with the rest of the GNOME desktop and, not unimportant, it
will playback quite a few movies and webstreams by default already
(Ogg/Theora, in particular). Also, it's actively developed and
maintained by a large amount of developers (look at the GStreamer
plugins contributor list, for example).

How would you guys feel about including this in Fedora Core? It would
add a missing piece to the desktop. We're also considering to propose
Totem for inclusion in GNOME 2.10.


[1] for some formats (e.g. divx, xvid and so on), you'll also want to
install gst-ffmpeg. Latest pre-releases are available from
Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje ronald bitfreak net>

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