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Re: Totem/GStreamer and Fedora

On 10/06/2004 02:10:07 PM, Ronald S. Bultje wrote:

How would you guys feel about including this in Fedora Core? It would add a missing piece to the desktop. We're also considering to propose Totem for inclusion in GNOME 2.10.

I'm using totem-gstreamer now on FC2 (0.99.16) and it isn't perfect, there have been files it won't play that gst-launch-ext will play, but it is quite good.

Playing divx was as simple as installing the gstreamer-ffmpeg from livna, installing the current divx4linux (which wants compat-libstdc++ for those who download the free library from divx.com) and then building the divx4linux plugin for gstreamer.

GStreamer is definitely the missing piece of the puzzle in Gnome multimedia - since it provides a good plugin framework that allow installation of proprietary plugins without needing to recompile your software against it.

The HD divx trailer for SharkTail does better in my totem-gstreamer build than it does in Win XP on the same hardware. (it will play smoothly in XP if you don't do anything else - but it plays smooth in gstreamer regardless)

I was planning to host a small yum repository for totem-gstreamer with some plugins that livna/fedora stable doesn't provide - but if totem- gstreamer makes it into Fedora Core (or even Fedora Stable) I only will need to provide some of the video plugins.

Got a Creative dxr3? The gstreamer plugin builds just fine - I haven't tried it yet (I don't have the card, but I'm getting off of eBay) - no need to rebuild your xine backend to link against their user space lib for totem to use that card, just install the plugin and you're gold. Well, theoretically.

But yes - I'm all for totem-gstreamer even if the xine backend is a little better. GStreamer is the way to do things.

Now if someone would port Audacity to GStreamer - and sox (gsox ??) ...

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