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Re: LVM should not be used by default with FC3

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:36, Nathan Grennan <fedora-devel-list cygnusx-1 org> 
>   I have been heard from multiple sources that LVM will be used by
> anaconda when using automatic partitioning. I think this is a very bad
> idea. It breaks the KISS(Keep it simple stupid) principle. I have
> personally used LVM in the past and currently use software raid. Both
> are powerful and wonderful features, but in most cases are overkill,
> make things more complex, and make life hell when something like grub or
> init scripts break.

Not using LVM makes things more complex if the partition sizes you choose at 
install time end up not matching the type of data you install.  That then 
leads to doing nasty things like moving trees of files to a different file 
system and having sym-links between them which among other things causes 
problems with SE Linux.

In many ways LVM is the simple way of doing it!

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