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Re: gnome-volume-manager blank CD defaults

On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 12:02:57 -0400, John (J5) Palmieri <johnp redhat com> wrote:
> I wanted to get the Fedora communities opinion on popping up a burn://
> folder when a blank CD is inserted into the drive.  Right now we pop it
> up which makes sense because if you pop in a blank CD most likely you
> want to burn to it.  Problems come in when a user is using browser mode
> in Nautilus.  If you pop the CD in and out a couple of times you get a
> bunch of burn:// folders.  Since you get a CD icon on the desktop which
> you can double click to open up the burn:// folder I am wondering if I
> should turn this off by default.  I am of no opinion either way so I
> want to see how everyone else feels.

1) what toggle in the volume management preference gui turns the burn
window appearing on and off?

2) Considering that browser mode is NOT the default mode of operation,
i find it difficult to justify turning off a default setting because
its not ideal for browser mode. So any argument as to why it should or
shouldn't be on by default in context of a default desktop experience
holds large buckets more water than any discussion primarily backed by
whats happening in non-default nautilus browser mode. What matters is
if all the defaults together make for the best experience. If someone
sets nautilus to browser mode and finds the volume management defaults
to no longer be ideal, they are free to reconfigure volume management
settings as well to create the customized experience they like best.

3)I say if it makes sense to open up a window for other types of media
by default then it should make sense for blank media as well. I
personally hate having any window open by default for any media...but
I'm not going to suggest my personal preference should be the default.
I'm not overly burdened by toggling the volume management preferences
to suit my tastes. But I think consistency on handling all media in a
similar way is important. So if by default if data cds are going to
open up a window, i think blank cds should as well. To underscore that
fact, I think people unfamiliar with nautilus's cd burning features
are going to benefit by seeing a burn window open up for them.


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