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Re: SRPM's and determining spec file

>Can't tell offhand, but for example there at least used to be a
>guideline in www.fedora.us somewhere stating that if providing an update
>over a Fedora Core package, the original unmodified upstream (FC)
>specfile should be included as a source in the SRPM.

I think its a bad idea to have a spec file contained as a SOURCE. It would make
it confusing to decide which one to use after doing a rpm -i. You would
immediately be faced with doing an rpmbuild -bb something.

I use a find command after opening the srpm to locate the spec file. It has never
failed to feed the correct spec file to my build system. (I'll be releasing the
build system sometime in the next couple days...just finishing to Text GUI for it

Spec files from upstream are almost always in the tarball so that you can do
something like rpmbuild -tb xinetd-2.3.13.tar.gz. The find command won't see
these spec files since they aren't visible until after the rpmbuild command.

-Steve Grubb

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