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rp-pppoe/initscripts/broken PPPoE annoyance


I'm wondering if I'm the only one annoyed by rp-pppoe (#134923)/udev
(#131114)/whatnot bug of the day/provider flakyness that makes the system
get stuck on boot while trying to get PPPoE up. (sysrq kill-everything or
booting in interactive mode and skipping networking fortunately gets around
this so whatever was the problem can be repaired)

What's especially evil is that this happens before syslogd is up ->
no useful debug output on the console. 

Not sure what the proper solution would be or whether this even is a bug
(the bugs that have triggered this behaviour for me are fixed, sure).

A simple workaround is just using ONBOOT=no and putting "ifup
<interface> &" in rc.local. Other options would be to have an option for
ifuping interfaces in the background (some distros apparently do this),
another to change adsl-start to try a few times and if it still fails
either give up or continue trying in the backgruond.


Pekka Pietikainen

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