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Re: SELinux should be off by default in FC3

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 14:52, Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
> They are such different beasts: With DAC, permissions over resources 
> are managed by their owners (root or users). In a MAC-based system, a 
> policy governs how the system security behaves, and the policy is set 
> up by an administrator and obeyed by everyone.

Right.  Two other important differentiators between DAC and MAC beyond
the issue of administratively-defined policy include:
2) Control over all processes and objects in the system (e.g. not just
3) Control based on all security-relevant information, not just user
identity (e.g. role in which the user is acting, function and
trustworthiness of the program, sensitivity/integrity of the data).

DAC cannot protect against flawed or malicious programs.

Stephen Smalley <sds epoch ncsc mil>
National Security Agency

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