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Re: SELinux should be off by default in FC3

>Design the exposed UI for the end users of the system.  Don't just
>expose the raw UI that developers understand.  And the config files are
>definitely UI.

I'd say that new ways to configure it will evolve out of the current environment.
Remember when IPTables first came out? You had to be a network guru and write
your own script. Now you can choose between many programs that let you configure
iptables. For example, shorewall or firewall builder. I think over time (and as
the needs are made clearer) better tools will be created out of necessity or
simply seeing a better way.

This is really what's missing...a healthy set of competing utilities and policy
writing tools. I've been toying with doing something along the lines of firewall
builder in my spare time. Gotta clear a back-log of projects first, though.

-Steve Grubb

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