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Re: gnome-volume-manager blank CD defaults

Le jeudi 07 octobre 2004 Ã 20:38 -0400, Jeff Spaleta a Ãcrit :

> A poor default for me, as a competent, well informed and technically
> inclined power user with years of linux experience could easily be the
> best, most sane and intuitive default for an inexperienced user who is
> unfamiliar with specific linux applications. I know enough to
> reconfigure my system better for my needs, and my knowledge empowers
> me to use the tools at hand to mold the environment to my will.

This is really a bad argument. A lot of people hate windows because it
tries so hard to cater to the needs of new users it's a major pain to
reconfigure for anyone with a little experience. Remember the target
population is people *with* experience, because *everyone* will have
some experience after a while (plus let's admit plainly that new
generations are a lot more computer-literate than what we had in the
early windows days). First-time is a transient experience, if painful,
and should not be targeted at the expense of normal users.

Remember talking cars ? ('your door is open', 'please fasten your seat
belt', etc). Most testers loved them at first. *Everyone* hated them
after a while, and car manufacturers dropped the concept.

A normal human being hates being baby-sited by a dumb machine (dumb
being defined as anything that does not adapt to his growing
experience). Talking cars, automated popups all fall into this category.
(I'm pretty sure unrequested popups would have died even without
advertisers help). Don't try to make the computer into a big nany - it
isn't, despite all its sophistication it's still a dumb automaton and
humans won't react well if it oversteps its limits.


Nicolas Mailhot

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