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Re: gnome-volume-manager blank CD defaults

Le vendredi 08 octobre 2004 Ã 11:43 -0400, Bryan Clark a Ãcrit :

> If we don't popup something at all people are like to assume we didn't
> realize that you inserted new media.

And this is something that needs to be validated. People might assume
there is a popup because we buried them under popups in similar
circumstances in the past (or if we didn't do it some other system did).
Virgin users might very well adapt better to a less intrusive system,
and virgin users are the only ones that count in the long run.

Popup blockers and tabs certainly change the browser experience and some
people's habits. They are a huge success nevertheless.

> The persons work flow behavior on
> the desktop has already been interrupted by inserting a media device,

They might insert a blank while reading a document that describes the
iso they're about to burn (ie FC3 release notes) and get very annoyed
when the damn window pops up over their article, or collecting the files
they intend to burn in nautilus, etc

People are not limited to single tasks. They can perfectly drink coffee
while listening music and reading something. Why should the computer
hammer the fact they've just done something as obvious as inserting a
CD ? How many people can open a CD box, a CD tray, take a disc inside
the box and put it in the tray, then close the tray, while being totally
oblivious to the fact they've just put a disc inside the damn computer ?

> giving them the option to begin using the media is probably the best
> next step.

You're not giving them an option, you're wacking them on the head with
it. A lot of people do things like warming up an oven, switching on the
TV or the radio <insert stupid example here> then moving on to something
else before going back to their oven or tv or whatever because they can
and while they could possibly devote themselves to each machine they
prefer doing it in their own order (because frankly they don't care
about the damn appliance feelings). Now thanks to the wonders of modern
computer science we're building appliances that can pout.

Popups, spash screens and other (human-)focus-stealers should not be
taken lightly.


Nicolas Mailhot

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