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Re: gnome-volume-manager blank CD defaults

Jeff Spaleta a écrit :
When i plugin a compact flash card in my
reader that has a dcim directory
the photo importer script notices and asks if i want to open the photo
importer or if I want to browse the card's filesystem. Is this dialog
approach acceptable for the multiple partitioned drive case?

Note that this is a copy of the windows approach, which assumes locating the photo importer or the file browser is more annoying than answering the same nonsensical question all year round (and given the extremes to which this can lead on a recent windows system where an event can be claimed by a dozen applications at least, it may very well end the way of the dodo there soon).

The Fedora situation is very different - great care was put into cleaning up the menus, choosing natural names etc. While this is very much a work in progress we are very far from the windows mess and the workarounds they had to implement because of it (simplified menu that hides the real one, suggestion popups, etc).

Lets try to avoid proudly cloning clippy like the SO5 people did, ok ?


Nicolas Mailhot

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