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Yum .hdr files massive


Is there any reason why the yum header files (.hdr) are about the same size as the RPM files?

[pza hallucination development]$ ll headers/thunderbird-0.8.0-4.i386.hdr packages/thunderbird-0.8.0-4.i386.rpm
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11108767 Oct 9 03:27 headers/thunderbird-0.8.0-4.i386.hdr
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11109047 Oct 9 03:27 packages/thunderbird-0.8.0-4.i386.rpm
[pza hallucination development]$ du -s *
412296 headers
412320 packages
940 primary.xml.gz
6844 primary.xml.gz.0de5a02528ed14facfc0eaf9c7060209.pickle
8 repomd.xml

I thought the idea of the header files was to get all the important info from without downloading the whole rpm?

Anyone know what is going on here? Keeping up with the development repositlry is draining my monthly download quota, as i'm downloading twice what is really required.


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