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Re: Default browser of FC3?

On 10/09/2004 11:38 PM, Denis Leroy wrote:
There was a discussion recently on freshrpms on how people would like
to see galeon come back as the default gnome browser, Have you tried it

A long time ago, could perhaps install it and give it a try.

Does firefox have an extension that makes it possible to view HTML
pages straight into a nautilus window ?

Should it not be the other way around? An extension to Nautilus to view HTML inside Nautilus using Firefox? No, I am not aware of any such extensions.

As Nautilus is a Gnome application, just as Epiphany, or gtkhtml3 for that matter, the best thing in this special case is another Gnome application. I.e. in the case you refer to Epiphany might be the best choice, or gtkhtml3 if that is possible (don't know)

My personal preference is not to open pdf:s, postscript files, or html inside an application like Nautilus, so in this case I would open the html file inside my default html-application, at the moment that would be Firefox. Pdf:s I show in Acrobat reader, not inside Nautilus or Firefox, etc. etc. But that is me, others do things differently, that is why choice is good, not evil. Perhaps the best thing would be to get a box "Would you like to use this application as your default" to show up until a default have been chosen by the user (but this is perhaps work in the making, I think I saw a box like this the other day, do not remember what application that started it though... :-)

Lars E. Pettersson <lars homer se>

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