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Re: Default browser of FC3?

On 10/10/2004 01:11 AM, Ricardo Veguilla wrote:
I don't want to turn this into a browser war, but why do people think
epiphany should not be the *default* browser?

No not a war, just splitting of hairs :-)

I mentioned some reasons earlier, but one may also ask the question, why Epiphany? Why not Mozilla, Konquerer, or Firefox?

I think the default should reflect the number of users of that application. I.e. the most used browser should be the default, and I do not think that Epiphany is the most used browser at the moment. It is used, I know, but not the most used. I do not think either that it will be the most used, it is probably too minimalistic for most users. So why Epiphany?

At the moment I think the most used browser in the Fedora community is Mozilla, based on it being the "default" now, and the spread use it has both in Linux, and other operating systems. As the Mozilla team now seem to push Firefox, I would seem logical for Fedora to follow this and set Firefox as the default.

I mean, its not like its
going be the only browser, if I remember correctly, firefox is going to
be included in FC3 and galeon is available in many third party repos

Your quite correct! And perhaps the ideal solution would be what I mentioned earlier, a box asking "Would you like this application to be your default" showing up until a default have been chosen (or a box with the text, "Chose default application ..." when opening an http-url, etc., you get the picture)

Lars E. Pettersson <lars homer se>

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