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Re: Default browser of FC3?

Le samedi 09 octobre 2004 Ã 19:11 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla a Ãcrit :
> I don't want to turn this into a browser war, but why do people think
> epiphany should not be the *default* browser?

Why it should be the default browser ?
Abiword/gnumeric/... are not the default office suite.

I think epiphany is a good browser but miss some strong features :
- better bookmark
- blocking popup
- encrypted password

Perhaps FC3 may install epiphany _and_ firefox by default and keep
epiphany as preferred browser in Gnome setting.

>  I mean, its not like its
> going be the only browser, if I remember correctly, firefox is going to
> be included in FC3 and galeon is available in many third party repos (if
> it is not in Fedora Extras, then its should be, IMO). 
> Regards,
> -- 
> Ricardo Veguilla <veguilla hpcf upr edu>

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