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Re: Default browser of FC3?

Colin Walters <walters redhat com> writes:

>> Sounds strange. How would Epiphany work in Kde? 
> The same as Firefox works in KDE?

Unfortunatly, Gnome applications do not interact well with non-Gnome
environments. E.g. to change fonts or colors you will have to execute
'gnome-settings-daemon'. But this application is very invasive and
overrides ~/.Xmodmap and ~/.Xresources settings (without having a way
to prevent this) so it is a good idea to avoid Gnome-applications
outside of a Gnome-environment.

On the other side, firefox is not very much affected by Gnome settings
and it would be wise to decouple it completly (e.g. do not use the Gnome
filedialog anymore, and do not link against gtk2 because this requires
the Gnome fontsettings with the sideeffects mentioned above).

Epiphany is much more worse regarding coupling: basic webbrowser setup
like proxy configuration is a gnome thing, and afair there is no way to
configure this from inside of epiphany.


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