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Re: Default browser of FC3?

Enrico Scholz a écrit :

On the other side, firefox is not very much affected by Gnome settings
and it would be wise to decouple it completly (e.g. do not use the Gnome
filedialog anymore, and do not link against gtk2 because this requires
the Gnome fontsettings with the sideeffects mentioned above).

While decoupling may be better from a short-term workaround perspective it's very bad longterm-wise. We need apps to learn to couple effectively, redgardless of the DE and this won't be done by encouraging return to massive settings duplication we had before (and still have on the non-gnome world).

I personnaly strongly feel the whole gconf adventure has strayed very far from it's original stated goals, and that on the whole gconf keys are rotting almost as fast as the worst dommsayers predicted they would. However the fact is I can not stand anymore apps that do not pick the general defaults (even if they provide numerous and convenient ways to set them again on a per-app basis). This btw includes most mz apps right now.


Nicolas Mailhot

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