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Re: Stateless Linux: errors in scripts

Hi Petr,

On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 13:21, Petr Kolar wrote:
>     Hello
> When trying to install diskless stations with Stateless Linux I discovered
> the Python scripts from stateless-*0.20-1 (e.g. stateless-clients.py) have
> errors in calls of getopt.getopt, so the scripts don't accept arguments of
> long command-line options. Therefore users must find and use short option
> names.
> I'm not familiar with Python, but it seems it is necessary to add
> an `=' character to the end of every option with long name, which takes an
> argument (e.g. "configuration=" and "snapshot=" in stateless-clients.py) in 
> getopt.getopt call to correct the scripts.

	Well spotted, thanks. I've committed the your fix to CVS. Dave Malcolm
is going to post details later on how to get anoncvs access to the
latest code.

> My question: Where to set information about NFS location needed in 
> statelessGenPXEConfig.py?

	The base NFS path is store in the statelessServer LDAP object. See
stateless-schema.txt for more details. To that base NFS path we append
the configuration and snapshot names.

	So the example is:

  dn: cn=server1.company.com,dc=servers,dc=stateless,ou=services,$(LDAP_BASE_DN)
  objectClass: statelessServer
  cn: server1.company.com
  statelessNfsPath: /srv/stateless/snapshots


  dn: statelessConfigurationName=artist-workstation,dc=stateless,ou=services,$(LDAP_BASE_DN)
  objectClass: statelessConfiguration
  statelessConfigurationName: artist-workstation
  statelessDefaultSnapshotName: artist-workstation-1

	would mean that the NFS path used in the generated pxelinux
configuration would be


Thanks much,

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