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Re: thunderbird, IMAP, and STARTTLS

Am Mo, den 11.10.2004 schrieb Paul Iadonisi um 5:24:

>   Not true...just set allowplaintext to 'no' in your /etc/imapd.conf
> (for Cyrus).  If you're imap server uses SASL for network
> authentication, it should the same setting, but possibly a different
> filename path for imap servers other than cyrus.  When you set this
> option, the LOGINDISABLED capability will show up in the IMAP CAPABILITY
> command, which does what the name implies.  After STARTTLS is
> negotiated, another CAPABILITY command will show that LOGINDISABLED is
> no longer there, allowing login to proceed.

Thank you for this hint!

>   As an FYI, even if you're not using cyrus-imapd, the cyrus-imapd-utils
> package can come in very handy...especially imtest and smtptest (really,
> one is just a symlink to the other).  It helps to flesh out these kind
> of issues.

Yes, I know both tools. smtptest already helped me one to solve a
problem with SASLv2 and Sendmail.

> -Paul Iadonisi


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