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error in driver disk (sata_nv)

The current rawhide kernel (and all since 2.6.6) will not boot on my
machine since the module for sata_nv is not loaded. I hoped someone
with more experience in this could help me out. I have two questions.

1) Is something wrong with this module that makes it unincluded when
other sata modules make the cut. For instance should I be concerned
about my data integrity while using it?

2) I have attempted the creation of a driver disk. Anaconda finds it
and allows me to choose the module and states "loading sata_nv" but it
doesn't actually load it. Is someone more familiar with driver disks
that can see my mistake? This was my first attempt and may have
something dumb in it.


Some ideas I had towards mistakes:
-do you still need 2.6.8-1.541BOOT ?
-uname -p in anaconda returned 'unknown' do I need kernel/unknown/module.ko ?
-it was suggested that I may need the libata and scsi-mod modules in
the cgz, but the examples I saw did not include their dependencies
-improper syntax in text files?
-/modules/module-info exists now during anaconda, is this replacing modinfo ?


matt whiteley <mattwhiteley gmail com>

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