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Re: APM/ACPI on ThinkPads [ Was: Fedora Core 3 Bug Status - 2004-10-11]

On Tuesday 12 October 2004 12:53, Satish Balay wrote:
> Personally I'd like to see APM be a blocker issue - as it worked for
> all previous fedora/redhat (up to 6.2?) versions. (ACPI didn't really
> work well before - so I'm not really comited to it)
> I guess I would have to install the kernel from kernel.org to see if
> the APM problem is an upstream issue..

Last time I checked, it was a radeon driver issue.  You really have to 
break down your whole system config and look at each piece.  Almost 
always it ends up being an upstream issue especially when dealing with 
hardware issues like this.  Screens melting and locking X have been 
around a *long* time (since Redhat 7.2); just gotta wait until the 
related upstream projects pull flank and take care of all the details. 
(acpi, radeon, etc.)

The hacks in /etc/sysconfig/apmd, although interesting, don't cover 
everything under the moon. So, I wouldn't take APM breakage to mean a 
definite distro problem.

take care,

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