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Re: Default browser of FC3?

Le mardi 12 octobre 2004 Ã 04:36 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla a Ãcrit :

> One question, have you taken the time to file a bug requesting this
> improvement, or check mozilla to see if this is in the works?

This is *not* a moz support problem firefox, moz, galeon (even pre-epy
galeon) all do it fine.

> > I suppose Epy devs all have a laptop and wouldn't care less about normal
> > desktop users with more advanced pointer systems. 
> The developers hate me argument. Sorry, but this is very childish point
> to make. 

Believe me that's not how I reported it at first.

> I understand you feel that "text zooming with the wheel" is a basic
> feature for a browser, but I disagree. "Text zooming" is a basic
> feature, using the wheel to do it is just one of the ways to do it.
> Epiphany support "Text zooming" and will probably support using the
> wheel in the future. But right now there are other real missing features
> that probably should have higher priority than providing an alternate
> method of "text zooming". 

I can only say it's a showstopper for me and probably for lots of other
people (else why every other browser on earth would have implemented
it), and if the epy people do not care enough about *me* to implement it
after all this time (given that it was reported repeatedly), why there
are lots of other browsers available. (plus the argument could be made
that the wheel itself is redundant with arrows, page up/down, special
windows keys so it could be dumped altogether - however it's the *most*
convenient alternative so that's what people want)

Anyway I'm not objecting to the epy people choosing to follow their own
way, it's their project, it's just that IMHO with the official
GNOME/Fedora endorsement (that they got almost for free from day one)
they also got the obligation to target the whole GNOME/Fedora user base
and they've not been doing it well so far I fear.

Despite all the noise Metacity raised it managed to capture most GNOME
users in a short time. Contrast it with Epiphany which is *still*
struggling to establish itself over Galeon, Mozilla and now Firefox.


Nicolas Mailhot

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