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Re: Default browser of FC3?

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 12:23 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le mardi 12 octobre 2004 à 04:36 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla a écrit :
> > One question, have you taken the time to file a bug requesting this
> > improvement, or check mozilla to see if this is in the works?
> This is *not* a moz support problem firefox, moz, galeon (even pre-epy
> galeon) all do it fine.

sorry, replace mozilla with bugzilla 

> > > I suppose Epy devs all have a laptop and wouldn't care less about normal
> > > desktop users with more advanced pointer systems. 
> > 
> > The developers hate me argument. Sorry, but this is very childish point
> > to make. 
> Believe me that's not how I reported it at first.
> > I understand you feel that "text zooming with the wheel" is a basic
> > feature for a browser, but I disagree. "Text zooming" is a basic
> > feature, using the wheel to do it is just one of the ways to do it.
> > Epiphany support "Text zooming" and will probably support using the
> > wheel in the future. But right now there are other real missing features
> > that probably should have higher priority than providing an alternate
> > method of "text zooming". 
> I can only say it's a showstopper for me and probably for lots of other
> people (else why every other browser on earth would have implemented
> it),

Because they have been around for a longer time (firefox may be
contemporary of epiphany in terms of releases, but they are bascily un-
bloating mozilla, which already had this functionality)

Like I said, I agree that lack of "text zooming" might be a showstopper,
but I don't think lack of "text zooming with the mouse wheel" is the end
of the world, even more considering that its probably a trivial (in
terms of complexity) enhancement to make.   

>  and if the epy people do not care enough about *me* to implement it
> after all this time (given that it was reported repeatedly), why there
> are lots of other browsers available. (plus the argument could be made
> that the wheel itself is redundant with arrows, page up/down, special
> windows keys so it could be dumped altogether - however it's the *most*
> convenient alternative so that's what people want)

you said it very well....given that it was reported repeatedly... thats
why I asked if you personally requested this in bugzilla (or in the
epiphany mailing list).

> Anyway I'm not objecting to the epy people choosing to follow their own
> way, it's their project, it's just that IMHO with the official
> GNOME/Fedora endorsement (that they got almost for free from day one)
> they also got the obligation to target the whole GNOME/Fedora user base
> and they've not been doing it well so far I fear.
> Despite all the noise Metacity raised it managed to capture most GNOME
> users in a short time. Contrast it with Epiphany which is *still*
> struggling to establish itself over Galeon, Mozilla and now Firefox.

Well, epiphany isn't trying (as far as I know) to establish itself as
the ultimate browser or to become the most popular browser in order to
ratify being the default Gnome browser. And I don't think it needs to.
Epiphany is the default Gnome browser because, the Gnome folks decided
it was the kind of browser they wanted as official browser. 

Ricardo Veguilla <veguilla hpcf upr edu>

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