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Re: Default browser of FC3?

Le mardi 12 octobre 2004 Ã 06:48 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla a Ãcrit :
> On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 12:23 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > Le mardi 12 octobre 2004 Ã 04:36 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla a Ãcrit :

> >  and if the epy people do not care enough about *me* to implement it
> > after all this time (given that it was reported repeatedly), why there
> > are lots of other browsers available. (plus the argument could be made
> > that the wheel itself is redundant with arrows, page up/down, special
> > windows keys so it could be dumped altogether - however it's the *most*
> > convenient alternative so that's what people want)
> > 
> you said it very well....given that it was reported repeatedly... thats
> why I asked if you personally requested this in bugzilla (or in the
> epiphany mailing list).

I don't think it ever made it to Gnome bugzilla, since I asked about it
a few times and the answer always was "there are other alternatives,
come back later" and someone even made the argument once that using the
wheel would be against the HiG (which seems a real weird way of reading
HiG rules if you ask me)


Nicolas Mailhot

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