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Re: Default browser of FC3?

On Oct 12, 2004 at 07:49, Ricardo Veguilla in a soothing rage wrote:

>Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>Le mardi 12 octobre 2004 à 06:48 -0400, Ricardo Veguilla a écrit :
>>>Well, epiphany isn't trying (as far as I know) to establish itself as
>>>the ultimate browser or to become the most popular browser in order to
>>>ratify being the default Gnome browser. And I don't think it needs to.
>>>Epiphany is the default Gnome browser because, the Gnome folks decided
>>>it was the kind of browser they wanted as official browser. 
I agree with this. Gnome folk have the right to choose which
browser is their default.

>>However if epiphany is not interested by the masses then it has no
>>business being Fedora's default browser (as the Firefox people argue now
>>and others did in the past). Fedora is anything but a niche
I would put this another way. The choice of default browser for
Fedora should be based on the functionality it provides first,
and all other considerations come next. The default browser should
be the one that 99.9% of the users can use that will provide the
required functionality of what a browser should be. When users
decide they do not like something about it, they can go searching
for another browser. Does this mean that whatever is default for
Gnome does not automagically become default for Fedora? In my
mind yes.

>Again, default browser only means, that it will be used by those who 
>don't know any other browser.
>If I use firefox (which will be included in FC3) I will look for it in 
>the Application menu.
Again I state that the choice of default browser for Fedora should
be based on the functionality it provides.

>Its pretty simple, here are the two scenarios:
>a) I know what browser I want to use, (firefox, mozilla, konqueror or 
>epiphany). Does it matter which one is default? No, I'll look for it, I 
>know it exists, I know what is called, etc.
>b) I don't know any browser. I just want to go to google.com or cnn.com 
>or whatever. I click in the menu where it says Internet Browser, and I 
>get a very simple browser....thats what epiphany was designed for.
>People are obsesed with making the most popular browser the default as 
>if it really were a statement of what browser fedora user like. It is 
>not, and it shouldn't, in my opinion.
One person's obsession is another person's discussion. I have yet to
see anyone state what additional functionality Epiphany provides over
Mozilla, Galeon, Firefox, Konqueror or even links. If it does not 
provide any additional functionality over Mozilla and Mozilla is 
included in Fedora, it should be dropped. The fact that it is Gnome's
default browser is irrelevant. The distribution is Fedora, not Gnome. 
There have been threads in the past that have dealt with bloat. By
adding yet another browser to the distribution, with no additional
functionality over what was already being provided, bloat is being
added. Pretty soon it adds up. A meg here, a meg there, it all adds
up. Just my ha'pennies worth.

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