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Re: Default browser of FC3?

On Oct 12, 2004 at 08:41, Ricardo Veguilla in a soothing rage wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 08:21 -0400, ne... wrote:
>> >People are obsesed with making the most popular browser the default as 
>> >if it really were a statement of what browser fedora user like. It is 
>> >not, and it shouldn't, in my opinion.
>> One person's obsession is another person's discussion. I have yet to
>> see anyone state what additional functionality Epiphany provides over
>> Mozilla, Galeon, Firefox, Konqueror or even links.
>I disagree, because the functionality of the browser is determined by
>what the app was designed to accomplish (or what the developers decided
>it should accomplish). Epiphany wasn't designed to read email (like the
>original Mozilla) or to a file-manager (like Konqueror).  
So if all the functionality that Epiphany provides is already provided 
by all the other browsers in the distribution, it is okay to add it as 
bloat is good? (There is a smiley in there somewhere.)

>>  If it does not 
>> provide any additional functionality over Mozilla and Mozilla is 
>> included in Fedora, it should be dropped.
>Well, looking at it in those terms, lets drop Mozilla,Firefox,Epiphany
>and Nautilus and just use Konqueror (and obviously Gnome will have to go
I will not join the KDE vs Gnome wars. Frankly Nautilus for Gnome 
users, Konqueror for KDE users and one of Mozilla/Firefox is good
enough. Both Nautilus & Konqueror provide other functionality that
is not covered browsers. I am talking file managers here. Evolution
& Kontact for e-mail etc.

>>  The fact that it is Gnome's
>> default browser is irrelevant. The distribution is Fedora, not Gnome. 
>Well, then Fedora may be breaking Gnome by using a different browser. I
>know that the Fedora community has the right to do so, but the Gnome
>user within the community have also the right to say "if you are going
>to include Gnome, don't break it".
Fedora has already broken KDE by doing this. Some KDE users have been
quite vocal about this.

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