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Re: python2.2 -> python2.3

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Warren Togami wrote:
| We can still accept fixes if they are critical or obviously good fixes.
|   Please file one Bugzilla report per issue and CC me, and I will sort
| through them.

What we have here doesn't really qualify as bugs.  Our stuff falls into
two major components; (i) implementing the following macros:

%pythonprefix /usr
%__python %{pythonprefix}/bin/python
%pythonversion %(python -c 'import sys;print(sys.version[0:3])')
%pythonpath %{pythonprefix}/lib/python%{pythonversion}
%pythoninclude %{pythonprefix}/include/python%{pythonversion}

and (ii) upgrading up2date to connect to our Zope xml-rpc server.

For (i) we've a plethora of spec file changes to override much source
code expectation of /usr/include/python2.2 etc.  Please advise as to if
and how you'd like us to help integrate this.

We also made the following changes to up2date-4.3.19:

~   *  range of indescriminate bug fixes
~   *  remove OpenSSL module dependency in preference of native socket ssl
~   *  remove rpclib and the user proxy cruft.  xmlrpc supports basic
http authentication and it's quite unncecssary to implement custom

I'm having a look at the 4.3.40 update now, and am already dismayed to
discover that the listPackages() rpc call has been changed from a POST
to a GET - which is causing a range of issues as I'm unconvinced as to
the xml-rpc compliance of this change.

These are quite significant changes, both technically and strategically,
and I do think that CVS access and collaboration with your development
staff would represent the best way forward in integrating these features
and ensuring up2date remains a generic client.

There are also a range of other python-related issues that need to be
addressed within FC.  For example: why is there a python2.2 interpreter
embedded within the OpenOffice suite??

Please advise how we can participate.


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