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up2date and XML-RPC GET

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It seems that someone has recently decided that GET requests for up2date
~ make a lot of sense.

While this is both more efficient in terms of having to read the request
~ body and having to xml parse it, unfortunately it is not part of the
XML-RPC protocol.

According to Dave Winer's spec at http://www.xmlrpc.com/spec, and to
everyone else, XML-RPC is a HTTP-POST protocol.

I appreciate that XML-RPC's file limitations already require up2date to
return non-XML-RPC payloads, but wonton undermining of these protocols
leads us down the path of Microsoft.

Can we agree that up2date was not designed and developed exclusively for
RedHat environments, and that as such, it's in all of our interests to
keep it durable.

I can provide you with the necessary patch to fix this if required, but
I'd first like to hear whether or not you'd apply it.

Regards, Alan
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