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Re: python2.2 -> python2.3

Alan Milligan wrote:

Warren Togami wrote: | We can still accept fixes if they are critical or obviously good fixes. | Please file one Bugzilla report per issue and CC me, and I will sort | through them. |

What we have here doesn't really qualify as bugs.  Our stuff falls into
two major components; (i) implementing the following macros:

%pythonprefix /usr
%__python %{pythonprefix}/bin/python
%pythonversion %(python -c 'import sys;print(sys.version[0:3])')
%pythonpath %{pythonprefix}/lib/python%{pythonversion}
%pythoninclude %{pythonprefix}/include/python%{pythonversion}

Sorry, these changes are too invasive at this point, and even potentially wrong. What about multilib?

and (ii) upgrading up2date to connect to our Zope xml-rpc server.

For (i) we've a plethora of spec file changes to override much source
code expectation of /usr/include/python2.2 etc.  Please advise as to if
and how you'd like us to help integrate this.

Case by case basis. File one report per package, with suggested spec patch and explaining exactly what it changes and why.

We also made the following changes to up2date-4.3.19:

~   *  range of indescriminate bug fixes
~   *  remove OpenSSL module dependency in preference of native socket ssl
~   *  remove rpclib and the user proxy cruft.  xmlrpc supports basic
http authentication and it's quite unncecssary to implement custom

Also too late now for FC3. If you really cared about these issues, you should have communicated with us long ago rather than sit on the changes.

If you file it now, we can probably integrate it before FC4 if your changes and reasoning are technical sound. But you will need to convince the maintainer(s) of up2date and python, as I have very little to do with those components.

I'm having a look at the 4.3.40 update now, and am already dismayed to discover that the listPackages() rpc call has been changed from a POST to a GET - which is causing a range of issues as I'm unconvinced as to the xml-rpc compliance of this change.

These are quite significant changes, both technically and strategically,
and I do think that CVS access and collaboration with your development
staff would represent the best way forward in integrating these features
and ensuring up2date remains a generic client.

There are also a range of other python-related issues that need to be
addressed within FC.  For example: why is there a python2.2 interpreter
embedded within the OpenOffice suite??

No idea. Please ask Dan?

It does seem that you put a lot of effort into this, but I am sorry that it is just too late for FC3. I am interested in seeing your individual reports and proposals for FC4 target.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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