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up2date development

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Sorry, I should have started this in a separate thread to begin with, so
please bear with me for continuing here.

As stated earlier, we have a firm agenda to ensure up2date remains both
that current with Python and a generalised rpm gui tool.

As with the earlier post, I'm not too concerned about missing FC3
cutoff, we're all committed to the long-term of Fedora.

As outlined, removing the OpenSSL package, rpclib, and other sins, is by
no means trivial (although not that complicated either).  But it is
certainly too complex to expect bugzilla to usefully manage the process.

At the least, it requires coordination and discussion to agree that all
parties interests are met - I am not interested in doing work that's not
going to be accepted, nor in working upon out of date, irrelevant
images, or difficult back-ports.

Can I please be put in touch with the affected RH people (on or off the
list), so we can decide upon a manner to proceed, somewhat in the vane
of other open projects we all know and love?

Cheers, Alan
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