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Re: up2date development

Alan Milligan <alan balclutha org> writes:

> As stated earlier, we have a firm agenda to ensure up2date remains both
> that current with Python and a generalised rpm gui tool.

Who is 'we'?  What is your goal?

> As outlined, removing the OpenSSL package, rpclib, and other sins, is by
> no means trivial (although not that complicated either).  But it is
> certainly too complex to expect bugzilla to usefully manage the process.

Perhaps you should start in email about what exactly is wrong and what
your goals are before going down the path of filing bugs or sending
patches.  That would give you the best chance of success.

I've not not heard anything about removing openssl or rpclib, much
less justification for calling them sins.  I suspect you don't fully
understand the constraints and requirements on up2date to really say
for sure what can or can't be removed (which, to be fair, is hard to
know unless you're in RHN as most of those are internal constraints
and requirements at a business or technological level).

> Can I please be put in touch with the affected RH people (on or off the
> list), so we can decide upon a manner to proceed, somewhat in the vane
> of other open projects we all know and love?

up2date is not an open source project.  It is open source -software-
(feel free to embrace/extend it all you want), but to date it has been
developed strictly in-house in RHN to meet specific Red Hat goals.
That could conceivably change, given the right set of circumstances,
but it would need to line up with the goals RH and RHN have in mind
for up2date (or, at the very least, not be contrary to those goals).


Chip Turner                   cturner redhat com
                              Red Hat, Inc.

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