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Re: I20 disk driver, etc.. Should I use?

I have the Adaptec AIC-7902 controller. This is a bigger number than the
controller listed in the first line of the i2o compatibles. Is this OK?


Looks like I don't currently have i2o installed

[root hoho2 user1]# /sbin/lsmod | grep i2o
zit, nada

However, I do have the i2o_proc.ko module hanging around in what looks like
a good spot (smp 607)

[root hoho2 user1]# find / -name i2o_proc.ko -print

What is the easiest (and safest) way to proceed from this starting point,
without having to go back to anacondo (the big bang stage).

Can I just do:

/sbin/insmod i2o_proc.ko
/sbin/lsmod | grep i2o

and then reboot?

Or stick something into /etc/modprobe.conf ??


On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:12:03 -0400, Alan Cox wrote:
>On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 10:08:02AM -0500, Bob Gustafson wrote:
>> 1) will I get any benefit from using i20 (i.e., faster, safer, more disk
>> fail info, etc.)
>dpt_i2o and the generic i2o are both drivers that talk the same messages
>to the hardware. The former is dpt specific the latter is all i2o
>> 2) will I risk screwing up my current disk data?
>I'd hope not
>> 3) does smartd info work through i20 ?
>Should do
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