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Re: up2date and XML-RPC GET

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| The GETs in up2dare are completely outside of the context of an XMLRPC | request. In rpcServer.py, you explicitly set the HTTP request method to GET whilst deliberately using XML-RPC as the transport. This is completely inside the context of your XML-RPC.

At this point, you've effectively created your own transmission protocol
- - but you're still calling it XML-RPC ...

| Nothing about the XMLRPC spec says 'you cannot use GET
| requests in conjunction with actual XMLRPC calls.'

No, nothing in the HTTP specification forbids you doing this.  The
XML-RPC specification only refers to HTTP PUT behaviour - anything
outside this is therefore dependent upon the underlying HTTP
implementation of your web server and thus outside the boundary
specified by the XML-RPC protocol.

Obviously, our implementation differs from yours.

I am simply stating that if you say you are using a protocol, then use
it.  If you have derived something slightly more proprietry, then that's
fine, and it's up to us to then implement the other end if we wish to
use your client.

But certainly the derivation should be physically distinguishable from
it's parent so that we have an opportunity to register the correct
handler.  That is the cause of my complaint.
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