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Isn't current GNOME a little too buggy?


Sorry to post a message with a subject that seems to be typical troll, but
I've been quite annoyed at many "little things" in the past few days while
using GNOME. These are the typical annoyances that one would expect to be
ironed out before a final release... here are a few :
- My nautilus throbber is no longer all the way to the right, it's next to
the "Computer" icon in a typical window.
- Mounting and unmounting without going through nautilus doesn't seem to be
picked up (gamin's fault?) properly, and this leads to major nautilus
- Removing files from my ~/Desktop in a terminal isn't instantly reflected
on the desktop anymore (gamin again?)
- When copying files, there is now an estimated remaining time displayed...
I've seen it go all the way down to 0:00 as expected, but drop below and go
nuts with incredibly high values from there for a few seconds... couldn't
find a way to reliably reproduce it, though.
- When I click on my CD-ROM in computer:/// it gets mounted and I see its
content, but instantly, another redundant nautilus window with the CD-ROM's
content pops-up (I'm not using the spatial view).
- I got some weird panel crashing issues more than once, but I couldn't
track them down.
- The totem/gstreamer player really needs some bugfixing AFAICT, as by
dragging and dropping some videos on it, I manage to get it to open a
second window with the new video (this is definitely not wanted!), and
often also see a tiny separate window for fractions of a second next to the
main window before it disappears when the video then starts playing in the
main window.

And my number one, which has been here for a while : Why do when I create a
symlink to /data on my desktop, I go to the "/home/me/Desktop/data" address
in nautilus by clicking on it (it doesn't expand to /data), whereas when I
go into computer:/// and enter/mount my CD-ROM I get directed to
/mnt/cdrom, thus clicking the "up" button doesn't get me back to
computer:///? For me :
1) Those two behaviors don't seem consistent one with the other.
2) It's annoying since all my files under /data get thumbnailed twice, when
I access them through both possible paths. (with all my photos, I had a
350MB ~/.thumbnails at one point)

Sorry for the bit*hing, I could (should) probably report those upstream,
but can't spare enough time right now and prefer investing it in checking
Fedora specific stuff anyway... and just got annoyed above my usual average
with the past few day's mediocre "desktop experience". I also fear what
it'll be like in FC3 final.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 2.91 (FC3 Test 2) - Linux kernel 2.6.8-1.607.radeon
Load : 1.98 1.28 0.72

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