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Re: BerkeleyDB and config files

Le vendredi 15 octobre 2004 Ã 02:21 -0400, Jeff Spaleta a Ãcrit :
> Don't underestimate the power and
> flexibility of being able to quickly open up a configuration file in
> vi from a simplistic rescue environment and be able to get something
> fixed, in your quest to build a file syntax and layout that is is to
> build graphical tools on. There are tradeoffs invovled, and I'm not
> even sure the benefits of even something simple like xml like
> structured files strikes a balance to the ease of parsing the flat
> files in vi when its needed.   

Just look at the fontconfig xml config files - perfectly accessible in
vi if you ask me. This is xml conf done right, not the junk that's
hidden behind gconf-editor. You've got about the same difference than
between a postfix and sendmail setup.

Ease of conf is not a tech issue only. If you don't care, the smartest
tech in the world won't fix your files for you (and the mess produced by
gconf does not mean conf files can't be done in xml)


Nicolas Mailhot

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