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Re: BerkeleyDB and config files

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 08:26:46 -0700, Remco Treffkorn <remco rvt com> wrote:
> Look at the Elektra Project at http://elektra.sf.net. The author / maintainer
> has paid attention to fedback, and I think this solution is a viable
> compromise.

Its nice to see that project FINALLY changed its name to something
less prone to reactionary responses.  Long time readers of this list
have seen this project discussed before. I encourage you to look back
in this list to discussions starting in July of this year.
There was a long long thread and this project was discussed at
length... under its old name.

I'm not sure we need to rehash that discussion again, unless there are
some new developments that fedora developers need to be made aware of
from the linux registry project, i mean from the elektra project.


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