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What's up with norwegian translation of Fc3-t3? And gnome?

Finally i found the time to install test 3. And as i live in norway, i
prefer having norwegian instead of english on my desktop. The gnome
Norwegian bokmål translations are definatly better than the windows
ones! (which where so bad that i ran it in english...)

So i install fc3t3. Select "norvegian" from anacondas list, and next
next next etc.

But when i get to choose what default language i want, it only gives me
english (us). Hmm... i DID chose norwegian, right? Check norwegian. And
then firstboot comes up. In English (hey, i DID select norwegian as my
def. language, right? (not quite shure there, but...). scribble it down
on the sheet of "bugs found in anaconda" i have in front of me (very
usefull tool when testing to have a pen and some paper. Find some bugs,
bugzilla'em. Log in to gnome. english? And my clock is showing a PM
time, not a 24 hr one... Whats happening? I thougth that was bound to
L10n, not i18n? And i DID select norway, Oslo?

Another thing: why is my gnome so ugly? I hoped for a nice, two-panel
thing, and get a one panel thing that looks halfway bluecurved? (brown
home folder icon etc. isnt that the same as upstream gnome, not


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