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Re: CUPS and gnome

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 16:08:57 +0200, Gérard Milmeister <gemi bluewin ch> wrote:
> I recently bought an Epson 1290 Photo printer, which has a lot of
> options in CUPS. However, apart from GIMP (which is GTK2, not gnome),
> gnome programs don't offer any of these options in their print dialogs.

Uhm.... i'm pretty sure a number of the gnome applications are using a
new printer dialog now. Not all of them, so there is some eye poking
to do regarding specific applications.
gedit and gnumeric in Fedora Core development at the moment use the
new print dialog.
gpdf does not. So find the gnome applications that aren't using the
dialog and go upstream to gnome's bugzilla and file bugs if they
haven't already been filed.

> So they have to be set externally. There are several possibilities:
> 1. Using system-config-printer or localhost:631, both of which require
> root privileges.
> 2. Using lpoptions.
> 3. Using kprinter.

For applications in core that are not cups aware, like xpdf... fedora
core has introduced a little application called gnome-default-printer.
It doesn't do much beyond setting a default printer to use at the
moment. But this certainly could be a path forward to exposing printer
settings to all 'legacy' applications that won't be made cups aware.
But for the gnome applications themselves...all gnome applications
should be moving to the newer printer dialog that gedit and gnumeric
as using. Have fun filing those bugs upstream in gnome's bugzilla.


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